Slicing Horns Stag Beetle – Power Rangers


Power Rangers – Slicing Horns Stag Beetle.



Slicing Horns Stag Beetle – Power Rangers.


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Slicing Horns Stag Beetle:

The Stag Beetle was a monster that could drain opponents of their energy and use it against them, that was created by Lord Zedd out of a drawing on a flyer outside the Youth Center for Stone Canyon’s broomball team, the Stag Beetle was a monster that could drain opponents of their energy and use it against them. Stag Beetle could project energy bolts from his claws and pincers and shock his foes with claws. In his fight with the Rangers, he managed to completely drain Tommy of his Green Ranger powers. As he battled the other Rangers, he fired blast after blast at them, and with each blast it used up the Green Ranger power. Alpha 5 created a device called the “Green Energy Transducer” for Tommy to use against the Stag Beetle. By absorbing some of Stag Beetle’s energy into the Transducer, Tommy was able to regain some of his lost powers. Afterwards, the Rangers assembled the Power Blaster and fired, causing the monster to fall over. Jason realized that the monster was not yet finished as Lord Zedd used a growth grenade to make the Stag Beetle grow. During the Zord battle, the Stag Beetle talked incessantly about using his pincers to attack the Rangers, repeatedly blasting them with green energy from his pincers and using his claws to electrocute the Thunder Megazord. He knocked the Megazord down, repeatedly kicking it, forcing the Rangers to switch to emergency power for the first time with their new zords. The Thunder Megazord chopped off Stag Beetle’s pincers, greatly upsetting the monster. Stag Beetle was then defeated with the Thunder Saber.