Highbrow – Transformers G1



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Highbrow – Transformers G1.


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Hasbro Takara 1987.



Highbrow transforms into a cybertronic twin-rotor helicopter. His two “Corrosive Acid Rainmaker Rifles” can attach to the underside of his wings or under the helicopter’s nose to create Highbrow’s “attack helicopter” mode. His Headmaster partner Gort can sit inside his cockpit in either vehicle mode.
In robot mode, like all Headmaster toys, Highbrow has a flip-down panel on his chest which covers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readouts for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Gort (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. With Gort plugged in, Highbrow’s tech spec tumblers display 7 for Speed, 7 for Strength, and 7 for Intelligence.