Cobra Commander With Battle Armor – Gi-Joe


Cobra Commander with Battle Armor.

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Cobra Commander With Battle Armor – Gi-Joe.


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Cobra Commander:

Cobra Commander was first released as a mail-in figure in 1982. Wearing a light blue uniform and his signature battle helmet, early production runs were marked with an early version of the Cobra sigil, nicknamed the “Mickey Mouse” emblem for its more rounded shape. All of the original sixteen figures from 1982 were released with “straight arms”. In 1983, the figure with the proper Cobra sigil was released on a card for mass market with “swivel-arm battle grip”, which made it easier for figures to hold their rifles and accessories. In 1984, the Commander was offered again as a mail-away exclusive, this time in a darker blue, with the iconic hood that he wore prominently in the Marvel comics. This figure continued to be available as a mail-away figure until the line ended in 1994.

In 1987, a new Cobra Commander figure was designed, this time outfitting him in full-body battle armor.