Baby Moondancer – My Little Pony


Baby Moondancer 1984.

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Baby Moondancer – My Little Pony.


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Hasbro 1984.


Baby Moondancer:

Dusk was falling over the forest when Baby Moondancer donned her tutu and ballet slippers to practice her dance steps. “Extend and stretch,” she remembered, just like her mother, Moondancer, taught her. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto a bed of soft moss. “I’ll never learn to dance like a real ballerina,” she sighed.

Mr. Moon was watching Baby Moondancer pull herself to her feet. “Don’t stopbecause of a little fall,” the Moon urged. “I’ll help you dance by casting my shadow on the ground where you should take each step.” Baby Moondancer followed Mr. Moon’s instructions. Soon she was pirouetting and swaying with ease.

While she danced, the wind quietly called Mother Moondancer to the forest. She was very proud indeed of her little ballerina.