In 1987 Hasbro produced a set of figures after the cartoon series ended; the toy line actually lasted somewhat longer than the cartoon series itself. The figures had hologram stickers on both their chests and staffs, which resulted in their being expensive to produce[citation needed] The toy line only lasted one year, with 12 figures (all the male Spectral Knights and the male Darkling Lords complete with weapons and power staffs) and 4 vehicles produced. Each of the vehicles was packaged with an exclusive figure. A second series of figures, slated to be released in 1988 and discontinued the following year, was never produced. It would have included 18 figures, 6 Sun Imps, 6 vehicles and the Iron Mountain playset. It is unknown the exact reason this series went unreleased, but it is assumed that it was that Hasbro didn’t want to continue with the first set after the thirteenth and last episode.

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