Sideswipe – Transformers Kre-o building blocks


Kre-O Transformers Sideswipe

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Sideswipe – Transformers Kre-o building blocks.




Redelijke staat, compleet met doos en handleiding.

Hasbro 2011.




Kre-O Sideswipe can be built in either robot or G1-inspired car mode. His head sculpt is heavily based on Universe Sideswipe’s head design, but as a first for a Sideswipe toy with a primarily red body, the head is not colored black, but red like the Generation 2-inspired BotCon 2010 customization class version’s head (see above). He comes with two Kreons: a Sideswipe based on the Generation 1 character and a generic driver.

Like many other Kre-O sets, his stock photography shows a different robot mode construction than the final product. The most noticeable example are his lower legs which have a much less awkward construction in the stock photos rather than the final product which is rather odd. Whether this is the photographer taking creative liberty or if the set design changed is yet to be seen. The stock photography also depicts the set as including the Red Alert Kreon in place of Sideswipe.