Battle Beast.

Battle Beasts were created by Takara of Japan in 1986 Tomy Co., Ltd., aka K.K. Takara-Tomy, still owns the worldwide rights to the property. The heyday for the toyline came during the period in which it was licensed to Hasbro for distribution outside Japan when Hasbro marketed the toys in America and many other parts of the world. Although in the Japanese market Takara branded the toys as a spin-off of Transformers and even named the toys “BeastFormers,” their tie-in to the Transformers universe was not part of the Hasbro story or marketing.

As part of the Takara strategy, many of the Battle Beasts appeared in the episode “Rebellion on Planet Beast” of the Japanese Transformers cartoon series Transformers: The Headmasters. The Battle Beasts reside on the planet Beast.

Four series were released overall. The first three contain beasts 1 – 76. Each figure has a heat sensitive rub sign on his chest and a hand-to-hand weapon. Three pull back vehicles and three transforming bases were also released.

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